I am not really a blogger, I share when I have some news or I am doing something I feel is worth sharing. Outdoor Idaho did a short clip from the "Inspired by Nature" show they produced. This is the short clip about me.


It's January and drawing time again. We are doing the challenge different this year. We will get a noun each day and do a quick warm up drawing in 15-20 mins. 


January 1, 2016



I woke up to -9 degrees so when I thought of comfort I immediately thought of a tropical beach somewhere.

The challenge whites, draw something that is white. The very first thing I thought of was snow. Do a snow scene but then I thought go somewhere else. Like the ocean, so I drew a beach chair. That was a fun place to go. Drawing into black powder to create a white image is very challenging. I kept putting less and less powder on the glass.


The beach scene made me thing of white birds, then I thought of a snow owl. It is hard to draw white and then have shading that is soft and not hard. I had a hard time with this and had to soften the shaded places with my finger. I can tell what it is but I think it can be improved. 



 When I think of white I think of boats. I love photographing boats. I had a photo of a boat from Sandpoint, ID when I visited last summer. I loved the sailboats on the water. So, this is my version of what I saw. The sails runs off the page because I wanted to try and apply all the powder at once. Somethings work some don't, but over all it was fun.


I had a very busy day in the studio on Day 15. I had intended to do my drawing late afternoon before I called it a day. I was so involved in what I was working on that time slipped away from me. So today I did my catch up drawing. The assignment was to draw something that you ate that day in 15 mins. I just played with some of the lines and textures of the oranges. Drawing in black and white is different than when you add color to define things.

The weekend assignment is to draw three drawings of something white. I plan to draw all three the same day. So I will post 16-18 drawings when I have them done.

Today's challenge was to draw something that frightens us. I enjoyed today much more as it was a subject that I would draw. I have respect and fear for the grizzly. I love to see them but only at a distance. I have twice be within 50 yards of a black bear so I do not have great fear of them. Now, I would not want to be 50 yards from a grizzly. 
  I drew earlier in the day, I am more of a morning person, of course right after my coffee. I layer the powder differently this time and found more success. I did a light layer of black then added in the darker values. I also added in the back ground to see if I can do all of this in one firing. It is in the kiln but will have to wait for more pieces for me to fire it. I have some earlier drawings I could add powder to also. Today I have other work to do, hopefully tomorrow.

Day 12&13 in the 30-30 Challenge

Today assignment was to draw something you use everyday. The first thing I use everyday is my favorite coffee mug.

Day 13 our challenge was to draw a shark with it's mouth open to study value. I started with a heavy layer of powder around the glass and then went to lighter in the center. Didn't work so good I ended up with too much powder in the center. I think I should have done a light layer then added the darker value where I needed it. I continued to fight the powder lay up because I was not excited about this assignment. A shark is not something I enjoy drawing...... Somehow I managed to not draw mine tilted like the picture. Just glad I am done with it.



I have been enjoying learning and sharing with this challenge of drawing everyday for 30 days. At first it was all consuming training myself to see again, to try and translate what I am seeing onto paper. Blogging everyday has been another challenge, it challenges me to articulate what I am trying to achieve. It is also challenging to continue to do this not know if anyone is listening. 


To the Challenge to sketch a vegetable.  Pay very careful attention to its texture.  Is it smooth? Bumpy?  Figure out a way to tell us as much about how that vegetable looks and feels as you can through your glass sgraffito sketch.  'See beyond what you see'!  With your new arsenal of tools, you may have just the thing you need to show off the texture, maybe not.  You might have to dig a little deeper to find just the right thing. 


I choose broccoli because it has smoothness, texture and incredible detail in all it's florets. I got lost in the detail of all the little lines. I didn't add shadows because looking at my still life with the natural light of the morning there wasn't any, Before I put it in the kiln I did add some texture design aroung the broccoli to test the sponge I wanted to use for texture.





Our assignment for day 9 &10 was fruit. The first day I sketched a pear with a light casting a shadow. I worked on shadows and shading. The second day we were to have our fruit doing something. I wanted to continue with shadows and shading. So, I got another pear to create my sketch. I added color to both sketches. I used different background glass and different colors in each of the sketches. I will fire them and then I will learn more about how the shading worked with the colors I used.