I got to add another new tool today. Yesterday I added a small screw driver. Today I wanted something to add texture to a dock that I wanted to try. My tool of choice today was a sponge. I was hoping to make a texture similar to worn wood. It did a good job for making the texture I was looking for unfortunately I was working small again. So in the long run I did not use it for what I thought I would. I did use the sponge to help soften lines and to gently remove powder. I am going to try working on a larger piece of glass tomorrow. I had a busy day today so I did my drawing knowing that if I could get more time I would make needed adjustments to try and achieve my goals. I find when I look at my photos I see right away what is jumping out at me as not working. I still see things I should try to change but I think I will try to do this again laying the powder to draw in different.


Here is my sketch for today:

Powder Glass Sgrafftito Challenge, Tool Day! 


Today we were allow to use a tool. One that we found in our junk drawer or one we made. My tool was a small screw driver. I also used my business card and my fingers. 

 So, here is day 7's painting.


Here is the tool I used.


As I continue the 30 - 30 Challenge ( 30 drawings in 30 days)

I spent day 5 exploring fences.


My gate in my yard.

A fence in the yard. Since we only had 5 minutes I didn't get to finish the tree I was laying in. 

Then I create a landscape with a fence line.

Then I wanted to try some still lifes so I did a vase and ran out of time to finish the flowers, I also did a clothespin and then continued after the 5 minutes to clean it up some.


Here are the ones I fired from Day 1-Day4.

A few other drawings that I did with out a time limit while playing.







 Today I worked at drawing doorways. I seemed to have just made a mess of things. That is okay I give myself permission to make a mess of things in order to learn and grow. 
I was looking at the light coming through doorways. The first one is just a slice of light.

My next one was more light coming through the door.




       One with a stairway.

                                   Showing the outside of the building.




   My attempt at a barn door.


                             Another minute on the barn.












Day 4 challenge was to create 5 sketches, each taking no more than 5 minutes. We also could only use our fingers or a business card.


For my first drawing I did a drawing the way I would normally draw. I was not sure what 5 minutes would feel like for time. I did mine in 4 minutes.

So for my second one I thought I would try a landscape by adding glass powder with my fingers or the card. The landscape lesson yesterday had been a struggle for me. I was happy with my miniature landscape. I tried doing a playful drawing of a building and some pines.

I continue with another landscape this time with a horizon line.

My 4th drawing was of a bird. This is my favorite I have been wanting to draw a bird. The back ground is messy as the timer went off before I could clean it up.

Number 5 was a pear, I was trying to do something different with each miniature. I was excited to have a kiln full of drawings to fire and forgot to take a picture of the pear. You can see it in the kiln load photo in the front.

4 days and a kiln full I am going to have to dig around for more sizeable scrap to draw on or I am going to have to be more selective as to which to fire. My just be taking some photos and tapping them off to start the next one.

I enjoyed drawing the bird so I did a study of another one, not paying attention to time and obviously not paying attention to the glass size. I ran out of space.

Day 3

Landscape using fingers and a business card.


    I was a little shook up today we had a 4.9 earthquake this morning and it really rumbled. I just could not seem to get back on track all day. This afternoon I took the images I had found that I wanted to try out to the studio. I did a couple of pencil drawings working on contrast and then I tried to do the drawing in powder. I just struggle and struggled trying to make the images using my fingers to apply the powder and then by fingers and card to manipulate the powder. I just could not get to where I wanted to be in the drawings. So, I just did a free hand one that I have to say I am not happy with. I did do a couple of things outside my comfort zone by using the powder for leaves. I went for a walk after photographing the piece. I think I will take a camera next time it was beautiful out with the snow creating contrast.

Tomorrow is another day so, I will keep pushing on.

For my day 2 drawing I decided to try a quaking aspen and do it in a positive drawing as opposed to the negative drawings I have been doing. I have to say drawing with powder gets to be a little nerve racking as you get further into the drawing. The fear of making a mark somewhere you don’t want or getting so involved in one area of the drawing you do not realize that you are smearing another area with your hand. I have a bridge I use to keep my hand off the drawing but day 2 was to draw a tree or two and only use your fingers and a business card. I felt that I needed to be closer to the work to control my marks. I used my fingers in applying some of the powder and in the foreground. I am used to tools so I relied on the business card to make my marks. One of my challenges was to use my left hand, I am very right dominate, so I was surprised that I could do anything with my left.  I am happy with some of the soft lines I achieved and hope to work on that more.

So, here it is my day 2 drawing.

Day one of the 30 drawings in 30 day challenge was to draw only using your fingers. Since I have been drawing with tools I did find this a challenge. I wanted to see the how many different marks I could make. These are to be sketches so I tried hard not to over work the process. A thing I do when I don’t feel I have control. So, I stopped when I found myself over working the tree. I think this is a good exercise and one that I will attempt more. For now though my first sketch is done. Drawing with my fingers.

This is a sample of my current drawing,