I have accepted a challenge to create '30 Glass Powder Sgraffito Sketches in 30 Challenge', which will begin on January 1, 2015. I will start posting images of the pieces I create on January 1st. I am setting this up now so that I can share with the group of artists who have accepted this challenge. I am looking forward to experimenting and learning some new ways of making powder drawings. I hope you will join me in this new journey.

 I am working on a new website as I look forward to being a full time artist.I am excited for the adventure. I will retire from my day job on June 7th. After many years of doing double time I will finally be able to focus more on the art work I want to do. It was a sacrifice to continure to work and limit my art time but I will retire with a pension and the freedom to explore art. I have watched over the years as my artist friends went from feast to famine. Their advice was to buy your tools, advance your work,and retire with the freedom of income. I am almost there. YEAH!