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For my day 2 drawing I decided to try a quaking aspen and do it in a positive drawing as opposed to the negative drawings I have been doing. I have to say drawing with powder gets to be a little nerve racking as you get further into the drawing. The fear of making a mark somewhere you don’t want or getting so involved in one area of the drawing you do not realize that you are smearing another area with your hand. I have a bridge I use to keep my hand off the drawing but day 2 was to draw a tree or two and only use your fingers and a business card. I felt that I needed to be closer to the work to control my marks. I used my fingers in applying some of the powder and in the foreground. I am used to tools so I relied on the business card to make my marks. One of my challenges was to use my left hand, I am very right dominate, so I was surprised that I could do anything with my left.  I am happy with some of the soft lines I achieved and hope to work on that more.

So, here it is my day 2 drawing.