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Day 3

Landscape using fingers and a business card.


    I was a little shook up today we had a 4.9 earthquake this morning and it really rumbled. I just could not seem to get back on track all day. This afternoon I took the images I had found that I wanted to try out to the studio. I did a couple of pencil drawings working on contrast and then I tried to do the drawing in powder. I just struggle and struggled trying to make the images using my fingers to apply the powder and then by fingers and card to manipulate the powder. I just could not get to where I wanted to be in the drawings. So, I just did a free hand one that I have to say I am not happy with. I did do a couple of things outside my comfort zone by using the powder for leaves. I went for a walk after photographing the piece. I think I will take a camera next time it was beautiful out with the snow creating contrast.

Tomorrow is another day so, I will keep pushing on.