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Day 4 challenge was to create 5 sketches, each taking no more than 5 minutes. We also could only use our fingers or a business card.


For my first drawing I did a drawing the way I would normally draw. I was not sure what 5 minutes would feel like for time. I did mine in 4 minutes.

So for my second one I thought I would try a landscape by adding glass powder with my fingers or the card. The landscape lesson yesterday had been a struggle for me. I was happy with my miniature landscape. I tried doing a playful drawing of a building and some pines.

I continue with another landscape this time with a horizon line.

My 4th drawing was of a bird. This is my favorite I have been wanting to draw a bird. The back ground is messy as the timer went off before I could clean it up.

Number 5 was a pear, I was trying to do something different with each miniature. I was excited to have a kiln full of drawings to fire and forgot to take a picture of the pear. You can see it in the kiln load photo in the front.

4 days and a kiln full I am going to have to dig around for more sizeable scrap to draw on or I am going to have to be more selective as to which to fire. My just be taking some photos and tapping them off to start the next one.

I enjoyed drawing the bird so I did a study of another one, not paying attention to time and obviously not paying attention to the glass size. I ran out of space.