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As I continue the 30 - 30 Challenge ( 30 drawings in 30 days)

I spent day 5 exploring fences.


My gate in my yard.

A fence in the yard. Since we only had 5 minutes I didn't get to finish the tree I was laying in. 

Then I create a landscape with a fence line.

Then I wanted to try some still lifes so I did a vase and ran out of time to finish the flowers, I also did a clothespin and then continued after the 5 minutes to clean it up some.


Here are the ones I fired from Day 1-Day4.

A few other drawings that I did with out a time limit while playing.







 Today I worked at drawing doorways. I seemed to have just made a mess of things. That is okay I give myself permission to make a mess of things in order to learn and grow. 
I was looking at the light coming through doorways. The first one is just a slice of light.

My next one was more light coming through the door.




       One with a stairway.

                                   Showing the outside of the building.




   My attempt at a barn door.


                             Another minute on the barn.