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I got to add another new tool today. Yesterday I added a small screw driver. Today I wanted something to add texture to a dock that I wanted to try. My tool of choice today was a sponge. I was hoping to make a texture similar to worn wood. It did a good job for making the texture I was looking for unfortunately I was working small again. So in the long run I did not use it for what I thought I would. I did use the sponge to help soften lines and to gently remove powder. I am going to try working on a larger piece of glass tomorrow. I had a busy day today so I did my drawing knowing that if I could get more time I would make needed adjustments to try and achieve my goals. I find when I look at my photos I see right away what is jumping out at me as not working. I still see things I should try to change but I think I will try to do this again laying the powder to draw in different.


Here is my sketch for today: