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I have been enjoying learning and sharing with this challenge of drawing everyday for 30 days. At first it was all consuming training myself to see again, to try and translate what I am seeing onto paper. Blogging everyday has been another challenge, it challenges me to articulate what I am trying to achieve. It is also challenging to continue to do this not know if anyone is listening. 


To the Challenge to sketch a vegetable.  Pay very careful attention to its texture.  Is it smooth? Bumpy?  Figure out a way to tell us as much about how that vegetable looks and feels as you can through your glass sgraffito sketch.  'See beyond what you see'!  With your new arsenal of tools, you may have just the thing you need to show off the texture, maybe not.  You might have to dig a little deeper to find just the right thing. 


I choose broccoli because it has smoothness, texture and incredible detail in all it's florets. I got lost in the detail of all the little lines. I didn't add shadows because looking at my still life with the natural light of the morning there wasn't any, Before I put it in the kiln I did add some texture design aroung the broccoli to test the sponge I wanted to use for texture.