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Today's challenge was to draw something that frightens us. I enjoyed today much more as it was a subject that I would draw. I have respect and fear for the grizzly. I love to see them but only at a distance. I have twice be within 50 yards of a black bear so I do not have great fear of them. Now, I would not want to be 50 yards from a grizzly. 
  I drew earlier in the day, I am more of a morning person, of course right after my coffee. I layer the powder differently this time and found more success. I did a light layer of black then added in the darker values. I also added in the back ground to see if I can do all of this in one firing. It is in the kiln but will have to wait for more pieces for me to fire it. I have some earlier drawings I could add powder to also. Today I have other work to do, hopefully tomorrow.